3 Reasons: Women leaders are better equipped to handle climate crisis

In the fight towards protecting our nature, women leaders are coming at the forefront by implementing and demanding radical policies on emissions to advocating for the most vulnerable populations to climate change. From Anne Hidalgo, Paris mayor who tackled pollution in her first term, Carolina Schmidt, Chile’s Minister of Environment working for renewable and free energy to the famous Caroline Lucas, drafting a greener policy and reducing fossil fuel consumption, these women are setting up an example for encouraging more lead on climate action for tomorrow. However, women are still underrepresented in climate policy decision making. Globally, less than 8% of women are represented in the cabinet. There is a need for more women to enter political spaces and act as agents of change to be part of a sustainable future. Read more to understand why women’s leadership is vital for climate change action plan

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Building a Case for Gender Parity in the Conduct of India’s Foreign Affairs

Shruti Sinha writes for The Diplomatist assessing the status of gender parity in the conduct of India's foreign affairs and recommendations on improving the same. She is involved in advocacy and engagement at NETRI Foundation.

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