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On July 11th, 2021, 26 women became India’s first Political Trainers & Organizers, and they are known as Samaanta Ambassadors. These women are on their journeys to change the face of grassroots politics. You can see their profile here

After the successful completion of first batch, we are taking Samaanta Ambassadors Program to Madhya Pradesh.

MP will witness- Gram panchayat and Municipal elections in 2021 and here 50% reservation will enable women to contest at a large scale. In 2023, MP will be going into State Assembly elections, and the capacity we build today will continue for next 5 years.

MP has 52 districts and Samaanta Ambassador 2.0 will make a cohort of 52 women across MP. Support the NETRIs by sharing some of the logistical expenses required for training programs. If we are to bring more Women in leadership positions and bridge the gender equality gap, then we need to support women from grassroots and their journeys. We wish to raise a total of 8 lakh Rs. for the execution of this program.

Your donations can enable women and girls to become political trainers and run for elections

  • Donate Rs.8000 and support 1 Samaanta Ambassador.
  • Donate Rs.16,000 and support 2 Samaanta Ambassadors.
  • Donate Rs.50,000 and support 6 Samaanta Ambassadors.

More about Samaanta Ambassador Program– India’s first program for training Master Political Trainers- Women who will become ambassadors of gender equality by training and organizing women for political change.



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